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Experience the wild beauty of British Columbia’s coastal rainforests through the eyes of your First Nations guide as they share their culture, history and traditions. Get out on the water to view wildlife, roam remote beaches, or listen to stories and learn how to weave cedar. k’awat’si Tours is your connection to Indigenous culture in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.

Our adventures Scenic Boat and Wildlife Tour shows different sites during the tour

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Nakwakto Rapids & Culture

Tour Is Approximately 4 hours

Scenic Boat and Wildlife Tour

Tour Is Approximately 4 hours

Kwalilas Hotel

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Travel FAQS

Many activities such as whale watching, bear watching, fishing, ferries, buses and tours should always be booked prior to your arrival. If you come to Port Hardy and expect to just “wing it” you may leave disappointed. Plan, research and prepare. Check our Transportation and getting around section for information about road access. Port Hardy is a very small town with just over 4,000 residents. Port McNeill has just over 2,500 residents. Common issues that may arise might be best dealt with in Campbell River or before you travel. Please feel free to contact Guest Services for specific questions.

The weather can change very quickly in this region so it is highly suggested that visitors check with local forecasts and pack proper outerwear. Cotton retains moisture (such as water or sweat) and can actually keep you cold during chilly trips. Synthetic materials that wick moisture away from your body will keep you significantly warmer. On a hot, warm day cotton is perfectly fine. Always dress for the activities that you will be participating in.

While venturing around town, some establishments will allow your pet inside while at others it will be prohibited. There are plenty of other outdoor trails and beaches to discover where your pooch is welcome. Please note San Josef Bay is the only trail within Cape Scott Provincial Park that approves dogs. Dogs in other areas of the park are strictly prohibited. Port Hardy has the excellent North Island Veterinary Hospital that is open seven days a week. Please note there is off-hours emergency services that can be contacted by calling the NIVH at (250) 949-6732.

Port Hardy has a Scotiabank, CIBC and Coastal Community ATM. If you have specific banking needs with a bank that is not in Port Hardy or Port McNeill, it is advised you take care of your affairs at home or down island before you travel North.


Traveler reviews

Amazing staff! Everyone was so helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. A friend and I took the Nakwakto Rapids and Cultural Tour and of course the views were stunning. This trip was absolutely worth it!

Eco Tours & Indigenous Cultural Experiences


9040 Granville St Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0

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