San Josef Bay

A’wi’nagwitl, K’waxala & U’ligan

This tour takes place on Tlatlasikwala Traditional Territory

Departure and returns conveniently from the Kwa’lilas Hotel. Transportation to the Kwa’lilas Hotel within Port Hardy can be scheduled with advanced notification

7 Hours
(Morning Departure 8:00AM Return 3:00PM).

$195.00(CAD) plus Tax Per Person
(Children under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult)

$145.00 Per Youth plus Tax (12 and under)
2 person minimum. Limited space available.

Travel with us in our climate controlled passenger motor coach to one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches on the West Coast located in Cape Scott Provincial Park.  Cape Scott is part of the Tlatlasikwala First Nations traditional territory and was once occupied by Danish settlers.  San Josef Bay is increasing in popularity due to its beautiful sandy beach and infamous rock stack formations.  The natural beauty and unspoiled wilderness attracts wildlife and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.  There is rich, complex and diverse history with Cape Scott that intrigue all who travel here.  The stunning hike to San Josef provides guests with a unique look at the Northern temperate rainforest with an abundance of life to discover.  Some of North America’s most sought after mega fauna live in Cape Scott Provincial Park and occasionally resident grey whales and pacific white-sided dolphins visit the Bay to feed.

What's Included, Things to Consider & More...
San Josef Bay
A’wi’nagwitl, K’waxala & U’ligan

What's Included

  • Transportation to and from Cape Scott Provincial Park.
  • Interpretive talks (provided in English only).

Things to Consider

  • It is approximately 3 Hours round trip to Cape Scott Provincial Park.
  • It is approximately a 45-minute hike to San Josef Bay plus the hike back to the motor coach (total 1.5 Hours walking). The hike is classified as easy on a maintained path; however, guests must be physically fit enough to walk for this amount of time including time to wonder the beach.
  • The beach and trail are wheel-chair accessible but may require some assistance with hill sections.
  • You must inform your guide if you have any medical conditions. This information is important in case of an emergency.
  • Cape Scott Provincial Park only allows pets on the San Josef Trail. Please ask us if you would like to bring your pet along. Your dogs must remain on lease until the beach.
  • There is no cell service once we head West from Port Hardy.
  • Out of respect for the environment, guests need to always practice proper ‘Leave No Trace’ ethics while outside.
  • Feeding wildlife is both dangerous and against the law.
  • Guests are encouraged to explore and enjoy the Bay area however they MUST remain on designated trails to avoid large animal encounters and the risk of getting lost.
  • Surfing and swimming near the river mouth is strictly prohibited. There are powerful undercurrents and riptides that form as the tides flood and ebb.
  • The only bathroom is an outhouse in the parking lot. Should nature call, guests will adhere to ‘Leave No Trace’ ethics in the backcountry.
  • Guests that wish to backcountry camp at the beach need to coordinate transportation with the k’awat’si Tourism team. Overnight stays are at your own risk.

What to Bring

  • Appropriate outdoor hiking and beach wear (check the daily local forecast for Cape Scott Provincial Park here: Note: Cotton is not advised if rain/cold is in the forecast. Layered synthetic materials will keep you much warmer (fleece, polyester, spandex, and nylon blends are ideal. Wool and merino wool products are great too). Always research, plan and prepare for the outdoors.
  • Appropriate and comfortable footwear for walking- barefoot at the beach is fine.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.
  • Water bottle (with water – all of the tap water in Port Hardy is safe to drink).
  • Change of socks (just in case).
  • Ziplock baggie to store any toilet paper, garbage, etc.
  • Small backpack for your belongings.
  • Camera/binoculars.

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San Josef Bay
A’wi’nagwitl, K’waxala & U’ligan

Tours to San Josef Bay are postponed until further notice. Due to Covid-19. Please continue to check back for further updates.