Indigenous Cultural Experiences

All tours are held at or start at the Kwa’lilas Hotel. Transportation to the Kwa’lilas Hotel within Port Hardy can be scheduled with advanced notification.

Cedar Weaving
2 hours. 8 people minimum. 10 people maximum.

Elder's Storytelling
2 hours. 10 people minimum. 15 people maximum.

Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre & Storey's Beach
4 hours. 14 people minimum. 22 people maximum.

Kwa’lilas Hotel is owned and operated by the Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw First Nations and is proud to offer Indigenous cultural experiences to groups. The Indigenous experiences are conveniently offered at Kwa’lilas Hotel and include:

  • Cedar weaving
  • Elder’s storytelling

We also offer guided tours of the Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre that include a visit to beautiful Storey’s Beach.

Cedar Weaving

For thousands of years the Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw and surrounding Coastal First Nations have weaved cedar fibres into goods that could be traded or used for personal use. From hats, jewelry, baskets and household mats; cedar weaving is a very effective and versatile method to create beautiful objects from nature.  Join our cedar weaver to learn the process of harvesting and preparing cedar to create your very own bracelet, small basket, medicine pouch or lighter case.

Elder’s Storytelling

Port Hardy has three Nations in the region; the Quatsino Nation, Fort Rupert (Kwakiutl) Nation, and the Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw Nation. An Elder from one of the three Nations will share their story of legends of their people and their family. Traditions are kept alive with the First Nations people by hearing stories and receiving guidance from their elders.  These stories are usually tales of courage, adventure, relationships, hardships and self-discovery.  The captivating stories typically emphasize man’s connections with animals and nature and often involve anthropomorphism of the main characters.  Come listen to the beautiful stories of our ancestors and rediscover your connection to the natural world.

Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre & Storey’s Beach

Jump into the Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre and explore the beautiful Storey’s Beach. The Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre is a beautiful facility that is home to the interpretive centre and is also a fully operational enhancement salmonid hatchery. Discover the importance of fish in our ecosystems and environmental impacts that affect rivers and oceans. The interactive interpretive centre is a hit with families and the tour of their enhancement hatchery showcases the dedication and hard work that goes into protecting salmonid species.

From the Quatse Centre, our 22 passenger, climate controlled motor coach will transport you to the beautiful Storey’s Beach.  This large sandy beach approximately 20 minutes from Port Hardy.  At low tide the gorgeous silver sands are limitless and during high-tide it’s still a fantastic place to view eagles and other shorebirds.

Indigenous Cultural Experiences

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