Elder’s Story

Ha’matla Lel’gwatla’tle

Conveniently held at the Kwa’lilas Hotel. Transportation to the Kwa’lilas Hotel within Port Hardy can be scheduled with advanced notification.

2 Hours
15 People maximum

$40.00(CAD) plus Tax Per Person
All ages welcome.

Port Hardy has three Nations in the region; the Quatsino Nation, Fort Rupert (Kwakiutl) Nation, and the Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw Nation. Each week there will be an Elder from one of the three Nations that will share their story of legends of their people and their family. Traditions are kept alive with the First Nations people by hearing stories and receiving guidance from their elders.  These stories are usually tales of courage, adventure, relationships, hardships and self-discovery.  The captivating stories typically emphasize man’s connections with animals and nature and often involve anthropomorphism of the main characters.  Come listen to the beautiful stories of our ancestors and rediscover your connection to the natural world.

What's Included, Things to Consider & More...
Elder’s Story
Ha’matla Lel’gwatla’tle

What's Included

  • Traditional Elder’s Story.
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic).

What to Bring

  • Camera

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