Cedar Weaving

Ha’matla Lel’gwatla’tle & K’waxala

Conveniently held at the Kwa’lilas Hotel. Transportation to the Kwa’lilas Hotel within Port Hardy can be scheduled with advanced notification.

2 Hours
10 People maximum.

10 People maximum. $60.00(CAD) plus Tax Per Person
(children under the age of 12 require supervision).

For thousands of years the Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw and surrounding Coastal First Nations have weaved cedar fibers into goods that could be traded or used for personal use.  From hats, jewelry, baskets and household mats; cedar weaving is a very effective and versatile method to create beautiful objects from nature.  Join our cedar weaver to learn the process of harvesting and preparing cedar to create your very own bracelet, small basket, medicine pouch or lighter case.  Cedar weaving classes are conveniently held at the Kwa’lilas Hotel.

What's Included, Things to Consider & More...
Cedar Weaving
Ha’matla Lel’gwatla’tle & K’waxala

What's Included

  • Cedar strips for weaving.
  • One on one instructions.
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic)

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Creativity

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