About Us

What to Expect From Our Fishing Charters & Tours

Our mission is twofold: to offer unparalleled, all-inclusive experiences that celebrate the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Gwa’sa̱la-‘Nak̓waxda’x̱w Nations, and to fulfill an unmet need for environmentally conscious, culturally informed fishing charter services.

The territories we explore are a sanctuary for a diverse array of species, from the majestic Pacific Salmon to the elusive Rockfish, alongside countless bird species and marine life. These elements combine to offer both challenging and rewarding adventures that resonate with anglers and nature lovers alike.

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Travel Options

Located in the vibrant community of Port Hardy, our tours are designed to immerse you in the untouched beauty of British Columbia’s coastal rainforests and the pristine waters of the Gwa’sa̱la-‘Nak̓waxda’x̱w territories.
At K’awat’si Tours, we pride ourselves on being your premier connection to the Indigenous cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and rich biodiversity of Vancouver Island’s north coast.

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Vancouver Island North Tourism: Offering Unique Indigenous Cultural Experiences

K’awat’si Tours provides more than just sightseeing. We offer a deep dive into the culture, history, and traditions of the Indigenous peoples of this land. Guided by the descendants of the Gwa’sa̱la-‘Nak̓waxda’x̱w Nations, you’ll have the unique opportunity to view wildlife, roam remote beaches, and learn traditional crafts like cedar weaving. Our guides share stories passed down through generations, offering insights into their rich heritage and connection to the land.

Sustainability at Our Core

We are committed to preserving the natural environment and cultural heritage of the Gwa’sa̱la-‘Nak̓waxda’x̱w territories. Our practices are environmentally informed, ensuring that we contribute positively to the preservation of these pristine landscapes for future generations.

Join us for an unforgettable experience

K’awat’si Tours invites you to step into a world where adventure meets history, and where the beauty of nature intertwines with the enduring spirit of the Indigenous peoples. Whether you’re angling for the catch of a lifetime or seeking to enrich your understanding of Indigenous cultures, we offer experiences that go beyond the ordinary.